Faith Statement

Declaration of Faith

  1. Belief in the absolute Divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures;
  2. Belief in the unity of God with a trinity of persons, being: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit;
  3. Belief in the vital necessity and absolute sufficiency of the redemptive sacrifice of Christ;
  4. Belief in the Holy Spirit come from the Father and from the Son to convince the world of sin, justice and wisdom, to sanctify, comfort, regenerate and know those who believe in Jesus Christ, granting and empowering the believers with spiritual gifts to complete the work of the Lord, baptizing them the moment they are saved;
  5. Belief that man is totally sinful and completely incapable in himself to redeem his lost state and save himself;
  6. Belief that the salvation of man is a gift of God, offered by His grace and received by personal faith in the person of His Son, jesus Christ, whose redeeming blood was shed on the cross for the forgiveness of sins;
  7. Belief in the keeping of the Lord's supper as a memorial of the sacrifice of our Saviour, in favour of men
  8. Belief in the baptism of believers, in obedience to a commandment of the Lord Jesus;
  1. Belief that the life of the believer should be kept separate from worldliness, unto a conduct consistent before God and men, and that this life should represent light in the world;
  2. Belief in the corporal resurrection of the just and the unjust; belief in eternal life and glorification of the believers and the eternal suffering of unbelievers
  3. Belief in the will, power and providence of God to supply all the needs in His service;
  4. Belief that Christian love is a commandment of God and the necessary practice of it by the believer, saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
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