EMAF’s ministry began in the region between Iguape and Paranaguá, when 62 fishing villages began to be evangelized even before the organization of the Mission.

    The first EMAF base, São Paulo Field, was being formed according to the needs the work presented:

§  Identification of strategic localities for a base and for planting churches;

§  Leadership responsible for the regional ministry;

§  Training workers;

§  Missionaries willing to live in the communities;

§  A house for the workers and for accommodating teams of volunteers;

§  Boats, varied equipment etc.


    The model generated by the São Paulo Field contributed toward the pioneer operations which later came to be reproduced in all the other EMAF fields. Some of these operations are:


The method of planting churches that began during the first contacts with the people and continued with evangelization, discipleship, leadership training and shared leadership, was first applied in the villages in the extreme south of São Paulo. The churches planted on the SP Field have native leadership and they serve, in a relevant way, in their own community and in the neighbouring villages.


Qualification of Labourers – Today all the EMAF field directors and the national base workers were missionaries or worked on the São Paulo field in some way; this demonstrates the strategic function of this base in the formation of the leadership and missionary expansion.


Teams of Volunteers The strategy for receiving teams had its beginning in the SP Field and at the moment, throughout Brazil, we receive around 1300 volunteers annually. They are evangelists, civil construction engineers, health professionals and seminar students who dedicate time, gifts and talents on the field.


Social and Community Activities – The experience of the first missionaries, testifying to the privation and abandonment in which the fishermen lived, determined the vision of EMAF’s integral ministry. In the beginning we would help the families donating toward their immediate needs; this activity extended to medical and dental assistance, educational and sport projects.

The partnership with churches in the big cities, that proposed to cooperate with the development of the churches on the fields has contributed toward the expansion and strengthening of this work.

We praise the Lord for the transforming power of Grace that changed once and for all the story of lives and villages in São Paulo. Where there was once only despair today there fullness of joy.

The challenges continue in the evangelization and discipleship of the families on the SP Field. Villages like Marujá, Enseada da Baleia, Vila Rápida, Pontal, Barra do Ararapira, among others, are objects of our prayers and ministrations in order that many might become a part of the Family of God, for His Glory.

Thank you for waging with us in the battle for this purpose.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Jandira Almeida

                                                                                                                                                                                    Comunication and Development


Evangelican Mission of Assistance to the Fishermen

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