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11/03/2013 . Strong emotions

This beginning of the year has been marked by "strong emotions" at EMAF AP/PA. Sailing on Amazon waters, taking part in the evangelization... mais detalhes

01/12/2012 . Cycle Trips

“…the islanders showed us unusual kindness…” Acts 28.2... mais detalhes

18/10/2011 . Story of preaching the Gospel

The story of preaching the Gospel among the fishermen of Amapá is mixed with your story of participation in this ministry.Thank you so much for... mais detalhes


It was three days and three nights sailing, eating, sleeping, praying, evangelizing and holding meetings. The women slept in the Prebyterian... mais detalhes

16/02/2011 . Amapá

God saved the life of a woman of 68 years in 2005.... mais detalhes

Evangelican Mission of Assistance to the Fishermen

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