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18/01/2014 . SHIP'S LOG

Twelve years ago EMAF founded an action base, in Parnaíba/Piauí that we denominated EMAF MA/PI. From then to now... mais detalhes

27/03/2013 . Research

Dear brothers and sisters, supporters of this ministry. We are encouraged by the harvest on the coast of Maranhão . We made our first research of the islands... mais detalhes


The joy of the Lord is our strength, and this strength motivates... mais detalhes

18/10/2011 . Canárias

It was the third day in a row that a small MAF plane, our partners in researching small isolated communities in the NE... mais detalhes

19/05/2011 . Canarias Island

Located on the border between Maranhão and Piauí, the Canarias Island is formed by the Delta of the Parnaíba River. Access to the island is made... mais detalhes

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