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AMAPÁ FIELD - Custódio and Vânia Almeida

Pr. Custódio - August 4 Vânia - June 3 Custódio began his ministry with EMAF as a trainee during which time he studied at the Seminário Bíblico Palavra da Vida (Word of Life Seminary). After 10 year... mais detalhes

BAHIA FIELD - (1) Abraão and Cléo Silva

Pr. Abraão - December 31 Cléo - January 19 As directors of the field for the last 20 years, they coordinate a large team of missionaries, volunteers and partners that reach the coasts of the Bay o... mais detalhes

BAHIA FIELD - (2) Reginald and Marcia Menezes

Coordinator Base - Camamu Reginaldo Menezes Barreto - 27/03 Marcia dos Santos Menezes - 18/04  ... mais detalhes

BAHIA FIELD - (3) Daniel and Caroline Simon

Boipeba          Daniel - 14/03 Caroline - 04/04 Contacts: danielsimon@meap.org.br carolinesimon@meap.org.br  ... mais detalhes

MARANHÃO FIELD - (1) Oslei and Wanderléia

  Pr. Oslei - October 11 Wanderléia - August 22 Began their ministry with EMAF in Ariri (SP) ministering to the fishermen in the villages of Paraná. They have been leading the Field of Maranhão for... mais detalhes

MOBILIZATION BASE - Tote and Jane Assalin

Tote - April 28 Jane - October 28 Tote and Jane worked at the national base for 5 years and in 2010 moved to Marília to plant the EMAF mobilization base in the central west region of São Paulo. Chur... mais detalhes

NATIONAL BASE - Evaldo and Jandira Almeida

Evaldo - May 23 Jandira - February 8  After five years on the field, the couple returned to the national base in Guarujá, SP. Evaldo works as Administrative Director and Jandira as Communications D... mais detalhes

NATIONAL BASE - Marcio and Damaris Garcia

Pr. Marcio - April 22 Damaris - February 15 Founders and pioneers, began the ministry at Vila de Pedrinhas, on Ilha Comprida, extreme south of São Paulo. Presently living at the Seminário Bíblico ... mais detalhes

SÃO PAULO FIELD - (1) Alexandre and Carla Veiga

Alexandre - July 22 Carla - February 1 The couple began their ministry with EMAF as trainees, working in Puruquara (PR). They have been at Ariri for nearly 5 years, pastoring the church planted ther... mais detalhes

SÃO PAULO FIELD - (2) Marcos and Patrícia Melo

Marcos - November 28 Patrícia - July 22         This couple worked on the EMAF PR field, living at the Paranaguá base, then at Guaraqueçaba. This year they moved to Ariri whre they are ministering ... mais detalhes

SÃO PAULO FIELD - (3) Celso and Elza Menezes

Celso - July 26 Elza - April 4 Celso has been a missionary with EMAF for 24 years. He is the missionary that has lived the longest time in the villages, evangelizing, discipling and planting churc... mais detalhes

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