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To plant a church according to Biblical principles so that it will grow through evengelism, discipleship and training of native leaders. We will train new disciples, expanding the Kingdom of God in all the region along the coast of Maranhão.

Ilha de Santa Bárbara/MA.

To plant a church according to Biblcal principles so that it will grow in evangelism, discipleship and training of native leaders, making new disciples, expanding the Kingdom of God along the coastal region of Maranhão to the ends of the Earth.


One of the men who were baptized, Edicarlos, had his life changed by Christ. Alcoholism is common among the fishermen and this was not anydifferent in his life, but after knowing Christ this and other habits changed. Some inhabitants of the island speak of his change and these people are not converted. Edicarlos is part of the first group of people who were baptized on the island. We also have Marilene, an adolescent of 13 who was also baptized. Her aunt says tht her behaviour has changed and she reads her Bible frequently.

In January 2014 we initiated, in the region of Turiaçu, evangelization and the process of church planting and Community development, in partnership with local churches and churches in other places.

Santa Bárbara: 130 families | 1.200 inhabitants
Cunhacunhema: 190 families | 1.8000 inhabitants
Igarapé Grande: 46 families | 300 inhabitants
Areia Branca: 7 families | 40 inhabitants
Atins: 1 family | 2 inhabitants
Sabába: 40 families | 300 inhabitants
Miramar: 10 families | 60 inhabitants
Salinas: 3 families | 25 inhabitants
Latagão: 2 families | 6 inhabitants

The main means of subsistence of this population is fishing for fish, shrimp and crabs.

These islands are of difficult access, because they can onlybe  reached by boat. One factor that makes entry and exit difficult is the tide. Along the coast of Maranhão there is a daily variation of between 5 and 7 metres in height , that is why it is said, “all depends on the tide” to make trips.

There is great spiritual problem because of the invocation of the spirits on the pajelanças and  beating of crioule drums , that has imprisoned these people in darkness. There is little, if any, presence of the Gospel in these communities.

There are no health actions on the islands and the people suffer with sicknesses. Education, when it exists, is very precarious, lacking in qualified professionals, resources and adequate locations for teaching.
Besides these islands we have large communities that are at the edge of swamps, on the continent, that partipate in the meetings we hold on the islands.


Our goal has been to make a trip every fifteen days with our team, or accompanied by teams from churches, to the Ilha Santa Bárbara. We visit the families; converse informally with the folk at the dock, in the street, in work places; we promote activities with the children and adolescentes in our multifunctional room. At night we hold church meetings.

In 2016 a partnership with PIB of Turiaçu was made with the view of planting a church on Ilha Santa Bárbara. We have been blessed by these brothers with hosting, meals and logistic support in times of possible needs.
At the end of 2016 five people were baptized and we are discipling these first fruits.

In January 2017 the Farol Baptist Church formally agreed to the proposal of joining in partnership for the advance of the Gospel on Ilha Santa Bárbara. We have other churches that are supporting and studying the possiblitity of joining us.

Presently we have 3 missionaries who work at the base at São Luís.



A piece of land, a toom built of mud, typical of local homes, where we hold Bible teaching with the Community that calls it, tenderly, of “little church”, a home for missionaries and teams and a 10x10 metres tent.


100 plastic chairs (the ones we are using are borrowed school desks) - R$ 3.000,00.
A vocational missionary couplet o lead the processo f planting a church on the island, living there.


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