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A Fisherman’s Story – Conceição

Conceição is a Young woman who was born in the Canárias, on an island in the Delta of Parnaíba. At seven years of age she began to take part in the My Little Fish Project, that was developed by EMAF in her Community. There she spent most of her childhood hearing about Jesus.

At 19 years of age, Conceição gave her life to the Lord. Two years later she was sent by her church to a Mission School in Maanaim, Curitiba. She returned from seminary in 2018, decided to dedicate her life to missions. We have had the joy of receiving her as a missionary with EMAF at My Little Fish, working with joy and dedication, in the village of Torto. Now, through her, many other children have been reached for the glory of God!

Conceição is living proof that it is worth the while serving God and preaching the Gospel to the least reached.

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