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Evangelization on Ilha Santa Bárbara/MA


During five years we worked evangelizing the Ilha Santa Bárbara, on the West coast of Maranhão, praying and seeking partners to plant a denominational church on the island.

In January/2019 we initiated the Project to plant a Baptist church on Ilha Santa Bárbara in partnership with three baptists churches from São Luis/MA. PIB São Luis, IB Monte Castelo and IB do Farol. Presently, missionaries Raí and Cláudia, together with their daughters, Ester and Raquel, are living on the island, working on this Project. A joyful and growing church is being discipled and led by the couple.

Other people are drawing near through the impacting testimony of what God is doing in the lives of these new believers. A new church, but a church that is being prepared to go to other islands to preach the Gospel, and testify to the glory of God.

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