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Extreme South of São Paulo, where we preached the Gospel of Christ

It is with gratitude that we share what God has done this year in the extreme South of São Paulo, where we preached the Gospel of Christ.

Besides Ariri, we sought to assist the communities on the surrounding islands. We have three groups of disciples and we count on the cooperation of the brothers from the church at Ariri.

At Barra do Ararapira a young man and a couple are being discipled and assisted, periodically. The couple has a baby with a serious health problem and we try to help them. They have another daughter who is coming to know Christ more closely

We announced the love of God to a family in the Community of Marujá. In November they understood the Gospel and decided to follow Jesus, and be discipled. It is the beginning of God’s action in this village.

On Saturdays we have time for recreation and teaching the little ones. There are fifteen children taking part. In the village, some children have suffered with the separation of their parents, with the death of some of them, and also the lack of assistance and attention.

Please intercede:

• That God will strengthen us and give us courage in the ministry.

• That the church will rise up and serve in the growth of God’s work in the villages.

We thank everyone who, in some way, contributes toward the expansion of the Gospel in our region. God bless each one of you!

Adriano and Geney Missionaries EMAF SP

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