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God Transforms


Kacurí is a Community of the Purus River known for its violence among the families there; visitors were not welcome and they were also famous for being troublesome and bullies, which led many of the villages to prohibit the visit of anyone who was from Kacuri. The expression was: “From Kacuri? May God have mercy.” All this, in great part, was due to consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Two years ago EMAF initiated the planting of a church at Kacurí. The first visit, with a team of volunteers, made an impact on the commnity, when some inhabitants decided to walk with Jesus.

The visits to the Community, the Bible studies, the devotionals and discipleship have brought many to grow and mature in the faith. The Gospel conquered most of the twelve families of Kacuri, and the Holy Spirit continues making a profound transformation in the lives of these people. Families have forgiven each other, neighbours have been forgiven, and now they live in communion and friendship.

The leadership of Kacurí gathered the Community together tand established a commitment to not consume alcoholic drinks anymore, and banned drugs from the Community. Most of the inhabitants accepted this code of conduct.

The communities around are seeing the change that is happening at Kacurí.

Together with EMAF, the inhabitants of Kacurí asked the leaders of Vila Dedé, that has also been transformed by Grace through EMAF’s ministry, with whom they were at odds for ten years, if some people could go to school there. The response was: “We are here to receive you with open arms!”

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