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He calls us to Missions


My name is Juliana, I am twenty years old and I live in Campinas/SP. By the grace of God, I grew up in a Christian home and always was ready to contribute in church in any way I could – music, communication with the media and photography. I decided to dedicate my life one hundred perecent to Christ and He has given me opporunities and provided everything I need.

Since 2015, the Lord has given me a good job and I have taken advantage of the resources that he places in my hands to contribute to mission work, especially the needs of the people that are reached.

I went through a period of studying at the Peniel Bible Institute, of the MNTB, (New Tribes Mission) and learned the truth about the natives. And, in September, I took part in a mission trip with EMAF. It was a singular time in my life, and I could see close up the reality of the Riverside folk and how things work on the mission field.

Leaving Macapá/AP, after hours in the boa,t and trips in a sculler, on the Amazon river, I had the privilegie of serving the Igarapé do Carneiro community, where a church is being born. Together with missionary Andréia, head of the ministry, I could relate with the people, share the Gospel, testify, plan activities to reach children and adolescents, all this totally depending on the Lord, under His protectiosn.

What joy it is to receive from the Lord and to share what we receive from Him. He gives us opportunities, resources, abilities and so many blessings. He calls us to Missions and loves us. We should obey Him, love Him, and, without losing any time, place ourselves at the disposition of the Lord.

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