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My life changed completely


I am Janaina, I live on the island. of Canárias, in the Community of Torto, in the beautiful Delta do Parnaíba. I was brought up by my great grandmother, the first evangelical on the island., so, I had the privilege of spending my childhood going to church, being taught the ways of the Lord. Even so, at 14 years of age, I walked away from the Gospel and gave my life to the ‘pleasures of this world’. Parties and drinking were a part of my life and not the counsels of my great grandmother. It was a period through which I suffered some deceptions as well.

Ten years later, I began to court Raimundo. He is an evangelical, which made me return to church and change my conduct. We married and two months later, in another outdoor meeting, I decided to receive Christ as my Saviour. It was so amazing to me and also to my husband.

My life changed completely, with a true relationship with Jesus. Today I have a dance ministry in the church and I help, as a volunteer, My Little Fish (education Project with the children of the island.). My greatest wish is to be able to give my time to missions.

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