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Since 2014, the Bailique cluster of islands, at the Mouth of the Amazon, has been in a spiral downfall. Projects and schools have marked a prosperus cycle, but natural and human factors occurred that disembodied another reality, generating rural exodus, with around 25% of the population migrating to other regions, difficulties with health, education, lack of electricity, saline water, strong erosions, among other factors, demotivating inhabitants and comerce.

The EMAF base at Vila Progresso, Community of Bailique, also suffered this process. Due to erosion, that continues advancing, we estimate that within a year and half we will have to move the base to another place. God, in His infinite Grace and Mercy, has alredy provided another piece of land to meet this need.

In the midst of the challenges, a team of young missionaries has come consolidating, affirming and spreading the vision and the knowledge of God and His Word. Another blessing is the arrival of a young missionary couple, Yan and Evellyn, adding more strength to the team.

Testimony: “On a cold morning, of 20C degrees, with much rain, that made it difficult to pilot the plane, we arrived at the Community we wanted to visit. We had no intention of holding a meeting, just to talk with the families of that place. But the children and the adolescents kept drawing closer When we realized that we were adoring the only God and preaching His Word, a youth approached and heard the message. At the end, one of the missionaries said to him, “If you are ready to receive Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Savior, we can kneel and pray now. Without hesitation, he said, “I want to!” And there, kneeling in a simple place, with rain falling outside, the Holy Spirit warming our hearts, and the Heavens joyful for a soul who had rendered himself to the Saviour.”

Please pray: For protection and provision for the exectuion of these projects: health and physical strength to maintain the base; wisdom and discernment to understand the real needs of the riverside folk, and strategies for evangelizing and discipling.

Thank you very much for contributing financially to this ministry. Your offering allows the missionaries to reach remote communities and to preach the Gospel; allows people to hear the messages and believe. In this way, together, we give Glory to the Lord!!!!

EMAF 2023 – We Proclaim Christ, The Truth!

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