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Planting a church on the islands of Piauí

Eighteen years ago EMAF initiated the process of planting a church on the islands of the Delta do Parnaíba, a region with 5.000 persons distributed among 8 isolated communities, without the presence of the Gospel. An arduous work that requires navigating, long walks and resignations on the part of the missionaries.

The advance of the Gospel has happened in a healthy and progressive way. God has given us the joy of seeing the fishermen reached and, after a period of discipling, move away from their communities of origin to live in others in order to take the Gospel to those who have not heard.

An example of this happened on Ilha Grande dos Paulinos. In 2018 two missionaries left the Island of Canárias, the first to be reached by EMAF in the region, in order to live there, and dedicate their lives to the preaching of the Gospel. An average of twenty persons took part in the meetings and four were baptized. For 2020 our desire is to plant a “My Little Fish” Project, to meet the needs of the children and adolescents.

More fishermen are converting and others, already converted, are being prepared for this ministry. There are presently seven persons, from 3 communities, that are being qualified in a course in Tersina, that is held every 4 months.

Your participation in pray and contributions is of fundamental importance, because without faithful partners standing with the missionaries none of this would be possible!

God bless each supporter and may we, together, with the same purpose, go to the most distant places announcing the Kingdom of GOD!

CONTRIBUTE toward the Planting of Churches in Piauí

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