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São Clemente is a Community with a population made up of indigenous and Riverside folk. A few years ago São Clemente was demarcated as indigenous territory, and relocated the Riverside folk upriver. Má was the leader of a church in São Clemente and, as he was a Riverside inhabitant, he needed to leave the village and move to Marahãn, a village beyond São Clemente, going upriver.

In Marahãn there were 15 families, about 120 persons. It is five hours by speed boat/40HP motor, from Lábrea to Pauini. There is no church there.

When we arrived in the region Má nreceived us in his home, and introduced us to the Community, and shared his desiire to see a church planted there.

We discipled Má and visited each house, inviting the people to the meetings and distributing Bible áudios, always praying for conversions.

Recently, 10 persons sought out Má and said they wanted to give their lives to Jesus. From then on, he began to organize meetings, on Sunday morning, in his own home.

Má would like to take part in missionary training at the Training Center EMAF should initiate this year.

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