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Psiculture Pauini
Pauini – AM

Proponent Institution: EMAF – Evangelical Mission of Assistence to Fishermen

Responsible: Eduardo de Figueiredo Magrin – Director de Área Purus

Pauini – Amazonas - Brasil


EMAF has operated among the artisan fishermen for 37 years along the Brazilian coast promoting actions that generate community development through the implantation of social action projects, education, inclusive and sustainable production. Our experience attests that supporting inclusive production is a way out to revert the cycle of social inequality in which these people find themselves. 

In the Amazon EMAF had permanent initiation in June 2016 in the municipal of Lábrea and in March 2017 arrived at the municipality of Pauini-AM, where the actions extended to various rivers, lakes and streams along the margins of the Rio Purus. 

Riverside Folk - The traditional populations, among them the riverside folk, we recognized by the Decreto Presidencial nº 6.040 (Presidential Decree), signed on seven of February 2007. The Riverside Folk are descendents of northerners who went to work with rubber in the 19th Century. With the end of the cycle, these migrants, mixed with native descendents, occupied the rivers and lake sides. 

This population lives off of artisan fishing, hunting, cultivating and extractivism. The majority of the houses are on stilts, they do not have electricity, piped water or basic sanitation. These aspects generate a high involvement in sickness coming from water, such as hepatitis, enteroparasitosis, leptospirosis and diverse intestinal diseases. The riverside communities live in an economic and social isolation, remaining at the margin of a series of public politics and mechanisms of lifestyle quality. 


As to spiritual aspects, the major part of these inhabitants have a mystic and syncretic cosmovision, mixed beliefs and amazonic fables with animistic practices and catholic rituals.


Construction of barrage > 10.000,00

7500kg ration > 25.500,00

1000 alevinos (baby fish) > 400,00

TOTAL > 35.900,00

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