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  • With the help of our partners and individual donors, we maintain development projects in:





São Paulo

  • In addition to these, EMAF is present through partnerships, in two other states:



In each of these places activities such as church planting and community development unfold with the cooperation of these fishermen and their families, people who live in remote and hard to reach locations.

São Paulo

Know Our Area Directors



Area Director: Custódio Almeida

Total Missionaries: 10

Total Projects:12

Address: Avenida Professora Cora de Carvalho, 728 - Macapá/AC

Phone: +55 (96) 3217-2222

Email: meapappa@meap.org.br

After years of prayer, persistent planning and concrete actions in this objective, in January 2006 EMAF began its activities in Amapá.

By the end of the Twentieth Century, EMAF had extended from Southern Brazil towards Maranhão, in the Northeast. Close to it there was only one more region to reach, and meet the initial target of covering roughly 8,000Km of Brazilian coast - the state of Amapá.

The good Lord designated Pastor Custódio and his family, together with other missionaries, to reach the riverside communities of this region. 

He blessed EMAF's Amapá/Pará division and other sent by Him to form the Administrative Council.

This ministry works in the missionary expansion in the communities of the Bailique / AP archipelago, based in Vila Progresso, and the Marajó / PA archipelago, based in Afuá.


Projects in Effect: Church planting, Sailing, Health & Life; Sweet Home; Champions for Life; Sustainability: shrimp, moringa, açaí and poultry; As well as construction projects.



Area Director: Pr. Oscar Oliveira

Total Missionaries: 08

Total Projects:02

Address: Praça Cel. Labre, 2027 – Centro – Lábrea/AM – Zip Code 69830-000

Phone: (55) (97) 98104-2180

Email: meapam@meap.org.br

God is indicating the route for the evangelization of the riverside of the Amazon and we are following for it. Our goal is to evangelize the Purus River tributaries - 1,380 communities, 1,222 without the gospel.

Oscar and his family arrived in February / 2016 to the municipality of Humaitá / AM for training and beginning the EMAF ministry in the region.

In order to optimize the reach of the previously unreached villages, in the second half of the year the missionary family moved to Labrea, establishing the first strategic base.


In early 2017, another missionary couple, Eduardo and Donaria, began the implementation of a MEAP base in Pauini.

Projects: Planting of Churches, Implementation of Advanced Bases.



Area Director: Reinaldo Leareno

Total Missionaries: 03

Total Projects: 02

Address: Rua Projetada 234, Cond. Gran Village 1 – Casa 12 – Cohama - São Luis/MA

Zip Code: 65000-000

Phone: (55) (86) 3321-1016

Email: meapma@meap.org.br

After a year of research to know the reality of the evangelization of the fishermen of the islands of western Maranhão, we see the need and urgency of the expansion of the Kingdom of God among these people.

The EMAF decided to face this new challenge and in January 2014 we started the EMAF Maranhão base in São Luis.

With the coordination of Pr. Reinaldo, area director and two other missionary families began the evangelization of the community of Santa Bárbara Island and others around in the region of Turiaçu.


Since then, the churches of São Luis and Baixada Maranhão have been informed and encouraged to participate with us in this missionary endeavor.



Area Director: Glauber Fortes

Total Missionaries: 10

Total Projects: 07

Address: Rua Joaquim Frota Aguiar, 1455 – Dirceu – Parnaíba – PI – Zip Code: 64210-220

Phone: (55) (86) 99984-3409

Email: meappi@meap.org.br

EMAF arrived in the Delta of Parnaíba in 2001 for the evangelization of communities and people living on the canals of the Parnaíba-Tutóia region.


The beginning of the ministry was marked by persecution. Our missionaries came to suffer death threats to give up preaching the Kingdom of God.

Seeing the fruits granted by the Lord, we praise His Name for His Deeds. In addition to churches planted in the Canaries, Caiçara, Torto and Morro do Meio, God has raised native missionaries to expand the ministry.

Projects: Church Planting, My Little Fish, Digital Inclusion, Drilling of Wells, Coconut Processing and Handicraft.


São Paulo

Area Director: Evaldo Almeida

Total Missionaries: 02

Total Projects: 04

Address: Rua Otília Cardoso de Morais, 221 – Ariri – Cananéia – SP – Zip Code: 1190-000

Phone: (55) (13) 3383-3784

Email: meapsp@meap.org.br 

The gospel was first announced by the James and Carmen Orr couple in the early 70's in the Cananéia region, south of the coast of São Paulo.

From 1982, the artisanal fishermen communities of Iguape to Paranaguá, about 66, began to be visited, periodically, by Márcio and Jaime.


In 1984, Márcio and Damaris, recently married, settled in Pedrinhas where they cooperated with the plantation of the first church that was born in the ministry of EMAF. In the same period the church was born in Ariri.

Currently, the two churches have their own leadership and are responsible for the evangelization of the communities in their environments, with the support of EMAF.


Wheat Mount -  North CoastA beautiful story is that of the church planting on this island, located on the north coast of the state of SP. Márcio and Jaime ministered there in 1985, for the first time, and the young leader of the community was converted at that time. Several other evangelistic and discipleship visits were made and today there is a church on the island, planted and led by Valentine, that first convert.


Projects: Church Planting, Digital Inclusion, Craques for Life, Bempescado (in formation).



Leader: Pr. Abraão da Silva

Metropolitan Baptist Church of Salvador

Organization: Mission Fishermen

The Bahia coast is the largest in Brazil and the work of evangelization has always been of great proportions. The challenges could be scary, not because God is the Lord of the Work.


We praise the Father for the fruitful ministry in this region. Twenty-five years later, the islands praise His Name. Churches are contagious. The Light of Jesus shines on the coast of Bahia.

Now, God puts before us ten thousand unreached riverside communities in the 'Amazon Window', but at the same time, awakens a church in Salvador / BA that is gradually assuming the direction of the ministry in the Bahia islands.

With the Bahia fishermen being cared for, we can move forward, turning our efforts and resources to the evangelization of the riverside of the Amazon.

EMAF continues the ministry in Bahia, in partnership with the Mission Pescadores. Every physical structure and all that has been achieved so far, by Grace, we place at the disposal of servants committed to God and His Kingdom who will continue in the attempt to make Christ known among the fishermen os Bahia.



Leader: Pr. Francisco Almeida

Community Evangelical of Curitiba

Organization: Maanaim School of Missions

The EMAF began the evangelization of the artisanal fishermen of the coast of Paraná in the 80's. A people until then, without the knowledge of the Gospel of Grace was reached.


Missionaries and volunteer teams dedicated their lives so that these beloved people of God could be evangelized and cared for. Fruit, churches and indigenous leaders emerged.

In 2009 EMAF signed a partnership with the CEC - Evangelical Community of Curitiba - that in recent years has continued the missionary work and worked with zeal in the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the fishermen from Paraná.

EMAF - National Base


Address: Av. Helena Maria, 381 - Jardim Helena Maria - Guarujá - SP
Zip Code: 11431-080
Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784

EMAF - Maranhão

Address: Rua Caminho da Boiada, 391 - Centro

São Luis - MA
Zip Code: 65015-560

Phone: (055) (86) 3302-5235 | 98118-0364


EMAF - Amapá

Address: Av. Professora Cora de Carvalho, 728

Centro - Macapá - AP

Zip Code: 68900-040
Phone: (055) (96) 3217-2222 / 9975-1802

EMAF - Piauí

Address: Rua Joaquim Frota Aguiar, 1455 – Dirceu

Parnaíba – PI

Zip Code: 64210-220
Phone: (055) (86) 99984-3409

EMAF - Amazonas


Address: Praça Cel. Labre, 2027 – Centro
Lábrea – AM

Zip Code: 69830-000

Phone: (055) (97) 98104-2180


EMAF - São Paulo


Address: Rua Otília Cardoso de Morais, 221

Ariri – Cananéia – SP

Zip Code: 1190-000

Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784