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For 30 years EMAF has carried out the missionary work among fishermen and riverside communities of Brazil, and we act as an incentive for missionary practice among the disciples of Christ who participate in churches located in the urban centres, far from the isolated fishing communities.

We challenged ourselves ever since to reach the two thousand fishing communities that exist based on subsistent living.​ They had never been evangelized, and our bases were placed along strategic regions of the Brazilian coast for this reason, but there are still about 400 communities that we haven't reached and that would benefit from our church planting.

Another great challenge are the communities within the "Amazon Window". There has been an estimated total of 10,000 communities in that area which haven't witnessed evangelical presence, but EMAF's building more bases there. Our goal is to bring the gospel to the communities of the Purus River - the river with the least evangelical presence in Brazil.


Challenges of this proportion require great participation of the global church, and of all those who wish to fulfill the preaching of the Gospel to unreached peoples.

The number of evangelicals has grown but it has not impacted our missionary work. There are thousands of people unaware of our type of missionary work, with no realistic information on development programs even with so many media outlets available today.


We know this spiritual struggle to be immense, but God is with us - there are many churches where the disciples of Christ want to engage in missionary work, though they're limited to the ones in Jerusalem.

In places where people yearn for more, we can be their option. EMAF relies on the cooperation of missionaries, maintainers, volunteers and delegates.


We've also put in place strategic mobilization offices to increase participation and the number of people who can cooperate with us in any form in Brazil, and we're working with our foreign partners to increase the frequency with which we receive their missionaries. Your participation is always welcome.

Embark on this journey with us!

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