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Poultry Project
Arquipélago de Marajó/Afuá – Pará/Brasil

Proposing Institution: EMAF – Evangelical Mission of Assistence to Fishermen

Responsible: Custódio Dias de Almeida – Director of Area Amapá/Pará

Jonatan da Silva, a leader of sustainability projects

Arquipélago de Marajó/Afuá – Pará/Brasil

EMAF has worked among the artesian fishermen for 31 years along the Brazilian coast promoting actions that provide Community development through the implantation of social action projects, education, inclusive production and sustainable. Our experience attests tht the support to inclusive production is the way out to revert the cycle of social inequality in which this people find themselves. In future we hope to replicate these actions in other states where we work – Bahia, Maranhão, Piauí, Amapá, Pará and the Amazon.

In Amapá EMAF had a permanent start in January 2006 and in the following month arrived at the Arquipélago de Marajó/Pará, more specifically in the municipalities of Afuá and Chaves where the actions extended along various rivers and clusters of islands at the Mouth of the Amazon River.

Riverine - The Riverine population that resides along the rivers and uses artisan fishing and extractivism as their principal activity for survival. They cultivate small fields for personal consumption and also practice extractivistic seasonal activities. The traditional populations, among them the Riverside folk, were recognized by the Decreto Presidencial nº 6.040 (Presidential Decree), signed on February 7, 2007


  • Contribute to the food and nutritional safety of the Riverside families and the creation of work and income in the local communities.

  • Proclaim the love of God in a practical and revolutionary way in a Community in which misery and despair ruled until the arrival of the Gospel. 

  • Contribute to the social transformation of the communities involved.

  • Make the population aware of the necessity of preserving the environment.

  • Promote a creation of work and income for the traditional population.

  • Feed the children and adolescents and volunteers of the Sweet Home Project in a satisfactory way.

  • Promote integral improvement of quality of life of the local population.

  • Promote a generation of work and income, the creation of jobs, with fair Investments in infrastructure, in politics of social inclusion and combating poverty. 

  • Respect the environment in all ways of life guaranteeing the preservation    and the use of natural resources in a well balanced and conscientious way.


R$ 19.340,00 being

SUB-TOTAL 1 Structure 5x8 > 15.000,00

SUB-TOTAL 24 sc x 151,60 ration > 3.640,00

SUB-TOTAL 300 chicks > 700,00

TOTAL > 19.340,00

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