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8 adults and 4 children declare their conversion to Christ

On the Other Side... Piauí, Vila Caiçara.

With our strength renewed, after the holidays, together with my family and friends, we returned to the ministry at Caiçara. We organized and decorated classrooms for the return of the activities at the My Little Fish Project. The year was initiated with a party, with praise, dance, the Word of God and giving of presents. We wanted the children to feel loved and understand the love of God for them. (Missionary Vaneide Medeiros)

At Caiçara, 8 adults and 4 children declared their love for Christ. Besides the regular meetings we hold with the couples, the women’s ministry with art work, the soccer school with the children and adolescents, evangelism, guitar lessons, we help the My Little Fish Project. Two days a week we go to Passarinho village, where about 50 families live, deisring to reach these people for Jesus. (Missionaries Regis and Marta)

Photos (From 1 to 4) by: Comunicando Cristo

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