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“Because He said”!

“Because He said”! - This is a common response among us, sons of God, when we share about the reason for our service and praise to the Lord. [Luke 5:5]

‘Because He said’, We cross over to the other side of the sea, proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven, by means of preaching the Word and acts of justice and mercy. [Mark 4:35]

‘Because He said’, missionaries dedicate their lives to the preaching of the Gospel, living in distant communities, along the coast of the ocean, and rivers of the Amazon, making disciples of Jesus. [Matthew 28:19]

‘Because He said’, volunteers go to the fields sharing their abilities, gifts, resources and time to support the local missionaries in the work of planting churches and social actions. [Matthew 10:16]

‘Because He said’, an army of intercessors invest time in prayer for the expansion of the mission work to those who still need to know so great a salvation. [Matthew 9.38]

‘Because He said’, zealous supporters contribute financially to support the missionary families, social impact actions, and structure for the advance of the mission work. [Mark 6.37]

‘Because He said’, we all experience challenges in life, with His faitthful presence, He guides, encourages, supports and blesses. [Mattew 28.20]

Thank you so much for walking, side by side with us, with our feet firmly set in the Word, for the Glory of God. Your partiipation in this mission challenge is proof of faithfunless and the work of the Lord. May He bless, even more, your life and your home, this is our prayer.

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