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A child that has the assurance of Salvation

“I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me from His holy hill“.

Psalm 3. 4

Grace and peace in Jesus,

When I stop to examine my life and ministry I can see and feel how much God has done, confirming His sovereignty in me, and in the purpose of the ministry to which He has called me. It has been four years since I left parents, friends and the comfort of my home, mounted a quadricycle and came to a neighbouring Community called Caiçara, without looking back, to honour and glorify the name of Jesus through His Word which says: “God and I will be with you!”

I have dedicated myself to the ministry of the My Little fish Project, that works with school reinforcement for children from 4 to 12 years of age. During this time dedicated to them I hear various stories from them, some happy, but most of them sad: abandonment, violence, needs and traumas, and I always seek to share a word of consolation and comfort to the hearts of these little ones.

I heard recently:

“My mother, like me, didn’t know how to do the homework, and she gave me a slap on the face, but I did not cry because I am a man.”

“My daddy and mommy don’t kiss me before I go to sleep. They do not kiss me or give me a hug”.

These things make me understand the greatness of this ministry and the purpose of God in bringing me to this island. One of the main focuses of My Little Fish is to teach the Word of God and supply this need for emotional and sentimental care to the children, through a hug, counsel and individual talks. It makes me very happy to see a child that has the assurance of Salvation and goes to church and Sunday School.

We had a veyt beautiful and blessed Easter celebration when children and mothers heard and understood its true meaning.

Another blessing during this time was receiving the teams of volunteers, one from São Paulo, the other from Parnaiíba, that were with us, helping us, motivating and encouraging us to continue on this journey. They did an excelent job also with the Community.

I thank all of you who pray for my life, because your prayers encourage me to continue until everyone has heard about the love of God here at Caiçara! I want to thank also, all who financially support this ministry, may God bless you richly!

Prayer requests:

- Salvation of the children of Caiçara.

- May the young people and adolescents commit their lives to God.

- For the wisdom and enablement of the Holy Spirit over my life.

Vaneide Medeiros

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