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A refuge where I can “meet” with the Lord and feel His love.


‘J’, a pupil in our Project, lives on an island that is very beautiful, but has many social problems. He is very inteligent, smart, social and is good at sports.

His mother never married, but had four children from different fathers. ‘J’ doesn’t know his father. Two of his brothers were given up for adoption and his mother was prohibited, by the judge, to give away another child, so ‘J’ lives with her.

They face financial difficulties, surviving off of the fruits of the season that they pick, removing the pulp to sell.

Even in the face of such a sad reality, we have seen the grace of the Lord in ‘J’s life. He spends the afternoons at the Project, a refuge where he can “meet” the Lord and feel His love.

His desire to study, the daily effort, the thirst to learn about God, demonstrate his deisre to have a diferent future. And we believe that it will come to pass because “He who began a good work (in him), will complete it.

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