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All this is the work of God


We continue caring for 54 children, from 6 to 12 years of age, at Sweet Home Bailique/AP. They are very special to us, in different stages, they have rhythm and different personalities. The Lord has given us grace to overcome the challenges in this ministry and the joy of hearing testimonies from parents about the transsformation they see in the bahaviour of their children.

At Sweet Home Afuá/PA we care for 60 children and adolescents, from ages 6 to 16, in three groups: Literacy, Tutoring, and Adolescents. We offer breakfast, tutoring, educational play time, and Bible study. We added the “Civic Moment”, when we sing the national anthem, and teach about our country, state or town, and pray for the people and the governors. The children are learning to read and improving in the school environment.

In relation to the Bible teaching, we decided to present the Scriptures in chronoligical ordrr, that has made understanding of the redemptive plan of God easier. This semestre, two students gave their lives to Christ and have shown a genuine conversion, love for the Bible, for prayer and a trasnformation in their lives testified by their parents, who ‘still’ don’t have Jesus as Lord. We also created a prayer group with the mothers and we meet every fortnight to seek trust in God for the family struggles.

All this is the work of God and we are partners in this great plan that He has built. We are grateful to you who partner with us. Surely, we are all members of one body, the body of Christ, who gave Himself for us and commissioned us to go.

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