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As cold water to a weary soul, so good news from a far country

As cold water to a weary soul, so good news from a far country. Proverbs 25.25

We are carriers of the Good News of the Gospel, by the Redeeming Grace that has reached us. What a privilege to take the Good News that there is salvation for all who believe and watch God restore lives, homes, communities, when His kingdom enters our hearts.

In 2019 the EMAF organization will complete 33 years. During this time thousands of artesan fishermen and Riverside communities have been reached by God’s grace.

The vast field now receives native miissionaries. People who received the new life and embraced the mission to preach to their own people. Twenty five EMAF missionaries are brothers who were converted through the preaching of the Gospel in their communities, and through the work of the EMAF team.

Eternal fruit goes forth, every day, and new partnerships are being affirmed in a common and unfailing effort to go on preaching until there is no one left, on the margins of rivers, and remote islands of the Brazilian coast, who has not heard the Word of God.

This year we have many challenges, and also the certainty of counting on the Lord’s favor to accomplish His Purposes.

Here are some ministerial goals for 2019:

  • Planting of churches at Barra do Ararapira/SP; at Barrinha/PI; on the island. of Cunhã Cuema/MA; in Marahãn/AM; in Marinheiro de Fora/AP and on the river, Rio Muruquara/PA.

  • To extend the My Little Fish Project (Projeto Meu Peixinho) to meet the needs of the children of Ilha Grande dos Paulinos/PI.

  • Planting of an advanced base at Humberto de Campos/MA.

  • Initiate a mission school in Afuá/PA and in Lábrea/AM.

We count on you, side by side with us, as a team!!!

Thank you very much for contributing financially, with regularity and generosity. God bless your life more and more.

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