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In March we traveled to the Estirão do Humaitá, on the River Purus/AM. There we split up the team. Some remained to invite the inhabitants to the night meeting, and we, together with another couple, went by motor boat to visit the communities of Humaitá and Praia de Humaitá.

When we arrived at Praia we visited some homes, and one of them was Gilmar’s.

We shared the Scriptures and he told us that he always reads a book about the life of Jesus to his wife, and expressed the desire to follow Christ, but didn’t feel ready. After this confession, we prayed together and he affirmed that at night he would be at the meeting with his family.

At night, we initiated the meeting with various visitors present, including Gilmar’s family. The message about the value of a life in God, based on the story of the Gadarene, was ministered by missionary Daniel Simon. When the call was given to commit their lives to Christ, Gilmar made his decision for Christ and said, “Now, yes, I am ready!”

Told by Paulo and Iasmim.

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