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"At your word I will lay down the nets." Luke 5:5


With the vision of reaching the artesian fishermen of Brazil, convinced that they were facing a specific challenge of the Lord, 35 years ago a group of brothers, evangelical leaders of churches in São Paulo, joined two couples of missionaries that preached the Gospel in the isolated communities in the extreme south of the São Paulo coast. In this way, EMAF was organized.

And, through Peter's example, when Jesus told him 'let us return to the sea', with what we had: four missionaries, a boat, dedication and much expectation in God, it happened again...

Jesus revealed His Glory.

The Kingdom of God has spread along the Brazilian coast and has gone beyond, reaching the Mouth of the Amazon, and the rivers. Hundreds of churches have been born and the Gospel has transformed lives, families, whole communities.

The Lord is here! He calls us to take part in spreading His Kingdom. He does wonders. Through small and great challenges, in simple things and in unsurmountable; in everything and at all times. Thank you very much for taking part in this ministry, side by side with us. Your cooperation in this 'scenario of miracles', supporting, interceding and offering is the providence of the Lord, and motive of encouragement and much joy.

Our expectation is to continue together, following the direction in which the Lord points us, enjoying His Power and Grace, while He uses each one of us in the accomplishment of His purposes, for the Glory of His Name. It is important to Make Christ Known! Why? Because the Word of God says so, and to obey what He says gives meaning to life, bringing Heaven to earth.

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