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Mr. Atanus is a simple man, public worker, who in his spare time goes fishing and likes to fix nets that are torn when they hook on branches in the sea.

His wife was the first person to be baptized by the EMAF ministry in Ariri, and for twenty years has prayed for his conversion, as he denied the Gospel and wanted his daugthers to leave the church, because he thought it a waste of time.

The story began to change when the church in Ariri began Bible studies at his house. The Gospel transformed his life. He also was able to know ‘believers’ better and saw that they were different to what he had supposed. He decided to give up the cold religion, and follow Jesus. Now he demonstrats great joy in serving and being a part of the family of God.

He testifies how it was good that his wife prayed for so long for his conversion and knows that God’s timing is perfect and that Jesus leaves nothing unfinished, but fulfils all things in His perfect time. Even though to human eyes He seems to take His time, God does not leave a servant without an answer.

Mr. Atanus is the father of Geney, who, together with her husband, Adriano. serve as EMAF missionaaries at Ariri.

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