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"We are not those who draw back". Hebrews 10.39

At the beginning of July we met in São Paulo with leaders of EMAF to plan actions for the next years. What a privilege to follow the Lord, facing great challenges, but peacefully knowing that His plans are perfect and that He operates in favour of those who trust in Him. We are encouraged to go on, spreading the Good News to the fishermen and Riverside folk.

In this report, we bring news of the extreme South of São Paulo, where the story of evangelizing these communities began and spread along the Brazilian shore, reaching the Riverside folk of the Amazon.


Evangelism on the Islands

We received ten teams of volunteers during this first semestre. Brothers who gave their time with the purpose of being used by God in our region. We are grateful for these missionary partners whom the Lord has sent.

At Barra do Ararapira, we began discipling a couple and we ask you to intercede for them, so that they will be strengthened and will testify to their faith in the Community. This is a huge challenge.

Dream and Make Real

Four months ago we initiated the Dream and Make Real Project and we are meeting with thirty women, twice a week, for art activities and a special time of fellowship and sharing the Word of God. We want them to know that they are loved by the Lord.

It has been gratifying to see their enthusiasm. Many have offered to donate materials and we have received other donations as well. God is supplying in every detail. We want to enroll ten more women by August and, soon, have our 1st Art Fair.

Winners for Life

We have 25 students, between the ages of 8 and 18, in the Soccer Project, and we see the hand of God in the lives of the children, adolescents and teens. Besides the physical training, tactic and friendly, we minister the Word of God to them. Two more young people, decided to follow Jesus, and are steady in church, serving the Lord.

In July we had a friendly game with our students and the children of the Almeida Baptist Church, from Paraná. Besides the games, it was a wonderful opportunity to unite parents and the families of the children and share the love of God with them.

Please intercede:

- For another missionary couple for EMAF SP.

- For the planting of another church in this region.

- For the building up of the believers and a strong testimony in the communities.

Perhaps you have no idea how important your interaction is to us. You can even think little of what you are able to do, but know that God can use your life in this ministry. We count on you. May the Lord encourage you to take part, side by side, with us.

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