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... became a assiduous believer and immediately wanted to be baptized.


José Missias was a young teacher in the Community of Torto, on the Ilha Canárias, in the Delta of Parnaíba. When he was a child, he was given a Bible and he used to read it. He tried to practise what he learned, but he would fall into sin with immoral practices and drunkness. He feared God, but did not want contact ‘with the believers’, until his wife and brother in law began to meet at an evangelical church.

One day, on his way to a festival at the Catholic Church, he decided to go to the meeting instead that was on the same day and at the same time. As he was very shy, he stayed close to the church door waiting for someone to invite him in. And that is what the missionary did. From tht moment on, he began to go to all the meetings, became an assiduous believer and soon was baptized.

Some time later, the missionary who lived in the Community decided to go away. The church began to pray for a new worker. It was at this time that José Missias felt the call and was challenged by EMAF to take on the leadership of the church. He renounced his teaching profession and dedicated his life exclusively to the ministry.

God led José Missias and his wife, Hozana, to the Maanain Mission Schoo lin Curitiba. When they finished the course, they returned as full time missionaries with EMAF.

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