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We give all Glory to God for this great victory!

At EMAF Piauí, this year, we were blessed with baptisms, the conclusion of constructions and the initiation of projects, among other things that have brought joy to our heart. We praise God for everything He has done in our midst!

With much joy, together with the Community of Torto, we finished and inaugurated a multifunctional temple, that has been a blessing to the mission work. Many came to the meetings, being reached with the Word as well during these moments, besides the evangelism. When we had the inauguration we had five decisions for Christ, all baptized a few months later.

Partnership with ICM, international institution that donated to the constructions, and also helped us enlargen our space on Ilha Grande dos Paulinos and conclude the multifunctional at Morro do Meio, an occasion in which we had the baptism of four new brothers. Weekly, a couple of missionaries from Torto come to Morro do Meio and, with the new structure, it has been possible to amplify the actions held there. The work has developed well, especially among the women reaching women who still do not confess Christ. We praise God for the first conversion in this group!

At Caiçara and Torto, My Little Fish, our first Project with children, that takes the love of God, school reinforcement, meals and dental care, was initiated! At Passarinho we have a new unity, inaugurated in April 2022. This has been an essencial tool for evangelism and to demonstrate the love of Christ to the children. Now there are three unities of My Little Fish at the Delta do Parnaíba! We give all Glory to God for this great victory! The municipal public power still has not been able to get around the difficulties brought on by the pandemic of COVID-19 and My Little Fish has been the only fount of education on the islands for children from 4 to 13 years of age.

We received a new missionary couple at the base in Parnaíba, who have helped us with logistics, communication and the spreading of the work. Besides this, we will be initiating together with them, in May, a course for new leaders, and already have 45 natives signed up. We believe that this initiative will strengthen and unite the local churches!

The challenges for EMAF PI are, support for the missionaries, 95% are natives and the local churches do not have conditions to support them full time: material resources for the children being assisted at My Little Fish: a restructuring of the base at Caiçara: the sending of a missionary couple to the Community at Morro do Meio and the construction of a court at the Torto Community, an old dream of the people, that will serve for social work and evangelism through sports. We go forth confident in the direction and provision of the Lord!

We thank all of you who have supported us in prayer and shared, with us, in our battles and victories. May the Lord continue to bless you! To Jesus Christ be all the Glory, now, and until the day of eternity! 1 Peter 3.18b

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