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Beyond the river... January/19

Surrounded by a geographical, historical and cultural frame of isolation, neglect and poverty, millions of artisan fishermen and riverside folk of Brazil spread along the beaches and along the coasts of islands and the mangroves, riversides and bayous, A gigantic panel on which there is a mixture of grey tones of despair because of the multiple social infirmities present in the absence of basic structures of sanitation, health and education. Above that, the absence of genuine knowledge of CHRIST and the Gospel.

It is along this scenario that the LORD has directed the eyes of EMAF over the more than thirty years of ministry.

A vision from Above guides the efforts of pioneers and workers in the field, support teams and sending churches, pastors and counselors, voluntary professionals and short term teams, supporting partners and prayer warriors - a vast net of friends who have grown and served as instruments in the hands of the Supreme Artist who goes on restoring with subtle tenderness and perfection, the work of His creation that sin one day injured and ruined. And so that panel, once discoloured and stained, begins to receive the colors of GOD's diversified grace.

This special way of the ETERNAL, has created, here and there, dozens of communities of disciples and worshipers of the Lamb with their many stories of transformation. In an effort to restore the dignity stolen, the population is succoured in its many needs.

The mission among the fishermen and riverside folk is not, as a popular song would put it, a drawing on any ,leaf of paper, easy scribbles that make a yellow sun appear. And, it never will be,, . a mission excursion, a road without a known end.

The marks of the painting of grace can be seen in various corners of the way that EMAF has made along the coast of São Paulo, Paraná, Bahia, Piauí, Maranhão, the rivers of Amapá, Pará, Amazonas. However, there is still much to be done.

Certain that HE who began to restore His work will complete it, We praise God for your partnership, and other friends and partners who, with their gifts, talents and resources, have laboured side by side with us, in this ministry.

Faith shared sees and goes much further forward. We go together, joined in an effort of faith and obedience, and various hands work together to restore the great water painting that one day, at last, will not lose its colour.

Pr. Amauri Vassão

EMAF Director and Mobilizer.

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