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Christmas presents for the children of the leagues

Our gratitude to the First Baptist Church of São Vicente that, for about eight years, prepared, with the help of brothers and friends, beautiful Christmas presents for the children of the islands.

This year, once more, Christmas presents begin to arrive in the hands of the little ones whose “retribution” comes with beautiful smiles, sometimes wet with tears, because the kindness comes from the heart.

For eight years the Presbyterian Church of São Vicente has mobilized brothers and friends to prepare 250 presents for the children of the islands in the extreme south of São Paulo and the Delta of Piauí. One brother, a beloved cooperator, donates the transport to deliver the packages in Parnaíba/PI.

Heavenly Father, multiply ‘Your presents’ over all those who work hard, so that these solitary, and tremendously efficient, communications of the love of God, bear fruit.

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