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Complete dependence on God


The dynamics of activity on the mission field is intense, challenging and needs to be lived in complete dependence on God. We invite you to accompany us along this way of Faith, intercession, trust and joy in the Lord.

At EMAF Maranhão, we are working on the expansion of the ministry to the islands of Turiaçu,with the strengthening and qualifying of the church planted on Ilha Santa Bárbara. With this effort, they continue the projects of construction of rooms and toilets in the Christian Social Centre (Centro Social Cristão) and the mission house on the island, the renovation of the boat Mensageiro XIII and the Pick-up; the arrival of a missionary couple and more teams of volunteers.

EMAF Amapá/Pará has, as its goal, the planting of three churches by June/2020; to receive two new missionary families and train 50 riverside leaders. Two important events still this year: impact evangelism “Pedaling for Bibles’, and the marriage of workers Ailen and Frida, of Bailique.

November at EMAF Amazonas, there will be the Travessia do Bem (Crossing of Good), that consists in the mobilization of people to donate towards the events on the Purus river. The goal is to collect ingredients for a ‘feijoada’ (black bean stew) that will be sold and the amount collected will be given to the ministry at Purus. In the meantime we await the arrival of the new missionaries and the team from the Tapauá Base.

Implementing the My Little Fish Project at Ilha Grande dos Paulinos is the goal of EMAF Piauí for 2020 and we are battling to acquire a four-wheel bike to reach the communities in the interior of the island. Our team will also promote the Travessia do Bem, in November, a campaign to raise food to supply My Little Fish Project that is already happening at Torto and Caiçara.

The Champions for Life (Craques para a Vida), football/soccer, the Dream and Make Happen (Sonhar e Realizar), industrial arts, are opportunities to share the Word of God, with children, youth and women of Ariri, EMAF SP. Besides this, the involvment of volunteer teams have been special tools of God to reach the hearts of the people. These activities make it necessary to enlarge the kitchen, to have a dining hall and also to build a garage for the boat that transports our people.

Our heart exalts with joy, praise and adoration to God for the privilege that He gives us to take part in His work among the artisan fishermen and Riverside folk.

We count on your participation in our efforts to proceed, going forth with the proclamation of the Gospel. May the Lord bless you, even more, in this purpose.

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