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Do you understand what you are reading?


A fisherman who lives in a small Community at the extreme South of the Paulista shore, has gone through mourning, battles and sorrow.

Very religious, once he was in front of the sea, lying in a hammock reading his Bible, when our missionary arrived for a routine visit and asked him if everything was alright. Though he said “yes”, this fisherman’s soul was greatly troubled due to the problems, and something else that bothered him at that moment. He couldn’t understand what was written. The missionary immediately offered to help him.

This makes us remember when Philip met with the eunuch, and asked him: “Do you understand what you are reading?”. (Acts 8:30, 31).

The fisherman of this story still hasn’t converted to the Lord Jesus. We continue visiting and talking with him about God, believing that he will surrender and receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

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