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Does EMAF ever face any crises?

This was a question from a brother, very dear to us, who works with this ministry and who has accompanied the actions on the mission field for a long time.

Yes, we are all experiencing a difficult time! So we answered and began an encouraging conversation about the Sovereignty and the Care of God.

In March, when social isolation was established, we stopped to seek orientation from God, specifically about this situation, because we did not know what we would face, nor how to act.

The Lord gave us peace, showed us the procedures for the protection of our team and our people, and renewed our faith and courage to go forward and face the challenges that He would place before us.

Even keeping a distance, we coninue accompanying “close up” the situation of the Riverside folk who, not being able to leave their communities to sell the produce of their work and purchase food, began to face need and hunger.

God showed us that He was already providing supplements for the families who live in the remote regions, along the Brazilian coast and the Amazon rivers, and called us to join Him.

With fear and trembling, we obeyed, and with joy and gratitude, we worshipped the Lord.

He moved supporters, volunteers and organizations to send resources, giving wisdom for plans and strategies, opening and closing doors, so that we would follow the right road. Some of our people were contaminated with the Coronavírus, but the Lord has reestablished their health. And so each action of help has blessed “our people” who live “on the other side”. And so we testify that God is the Centre of all things.

May this testimony encourage your heart. Our Father is taking care of you too. Go forth believing, seeking, following and resting in the Power of God. We do not know when all this is going to end, but we are absolutely certain that the Word of God will never pass away.

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