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During these two months we received volunteers at the village of Torto

On The Other Side... Piauí, Comunidade do Torto.

We trained local workers, and also had the joy of being with some brothers who were responsible for the activities of the church during our vacation, everything having turned out well. At Morro do Meio, mission front of the Torto church, we baptized brother Antônio; his wife and daughers were baptized last year.

(Missionaries Missias e Hozana)

During these two months we received volunteers at the village of Torto. One group served in the area of dental health, assisting the children of My Little Fish; a team from Athletes for Christ worked with the Community with sports; another team visited all the villages of the Delta, as well as a filming team that is producing a vídeo for EMAF. I am grateful to the Lord for being able to be a part of His work, and for the people who contribute toward this ministry as well. (Missionary Deborah Aline)

At My Little Fish we continue teaching about “Traces of the Character of Jesus”, applying it to the lives of the children. One day a week we talk about “Missions”, telling the story of missions so that the children understand what it means to serve God. We see God revealing Himself in the lives of these little ones, through prayer and memorizing Bible verses.

(Missionary Conceição)

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