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EMAF Amazon Continues to Grow

It is with great joy that we welcome a family of missionaries to the Lábrea base office. Daniel, Caroline and their four children endured a long trip from São Paulo to Amazonas bringing all their belongings in a truck, provided by the mission, and arrived safely in the town. They were brought to their new home and quickly adapted, travelled briefly to a fishing community close to the Purus, and their children were admitted into a school where one of them, who has autism, can receive extra learning assistance.

Soon every trip will be much easier! With the support of more maintainers provided by the Lord, our boats from Lábrea and Canutama will soon have their engines installed. They will also be repainted and have their electricity and hydraulics rewired, and we ask you to pray with us so that this can be accomplished swiftly and with great effect, honouring the ones who have invested in this cause and these vessels which are crucial to our work in the Purus River.

We are also glad for having finished refurbishing our Catamaran. This houseboat is ready to journey along the river and bring light, life and hope with missionaries and volunteer teams to the riverside fishing communities of the Purus.

We praise God for enabling us the purchase of an essential property at the Pauini base, by the shores of the Purus, and for having Eduardo and Donária as our missionaries! Now we aspire the construction of a support base for the region: a floating home as a residence for the missionaries, support teams, a warehouse and a place to park our medical boat to keep it from danger. this will greatly facilitate our work.

Another family, Jaime, Cilane and their children, will soon be moving to Pauini to help our team. They are indigenous Paumari church workers and were married this February. For the first time in the history of the Paumari tribe they celebrated a "white wedding" - the cerimony before God and men, and EMAF missionaries were there to assist 300 people in a rite appreciated by 300 people. It was a great opportunity to minister the Word of God and a great number of them were touched by his presence.

The EMAF family from Amazonas is very happy to make the Glory of God be witnessed among the river, its communities and tribes, and we thank you for your support, your care and financial contribution. We thank God for letting us know you also love these people, and may God bless your heart.

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