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Even far away... Missionries don’t stop!


The pandemia and its echoes did not catch God by surprise.

Just this year, He provided resources for the construction of multifunctional spaces in all EMAF areas in the Amazon and São Paulo.

During these days of quarantine, when we have to suspend various actions, we are concentrating our efforts on these constructions. To Him be the Glory!!!


We are taking advantage to “sharpen the axe” during the quarantine. At Afuá/PA we are fixing up the court, and renovating a ping-pong table. At Ariri/SP we are renovating the bathrooms.

We are looking forward to freedom from quarantine to receive our young athletes again and see them training and learning the principles of the Word of God.

Missionaries do not stop!

Our routine changed, but we continue serving the people in some way, during this difficult time.

At the EMAF base in Afuá/PA evangelizing along the river continues through radio, and the missionaries are making masks to donate to the Riverside population: the goal is to make 450 masks during this first stage.


At Freguesia, a Community in the cluster of Bailique/AP, where there are about fifty families, we are planting a church, but we don’t have missionaries living there, yet. Among the challenges of doing this work, until the end of May, we need to overcome the effects of the tide.

Now, during quarantine, as we cannot meet with the folk, we have gone once a week to take care of those who need to work on the construction of the multifunctional space that will house the new church. The Lord has been blessing this ministry greatly.


The childdren of My Little Fish, in the communities of Torto and Caiçara, daily, can fetch ‘quentinhas’ (hot meals) to take home 😋🥗


The missionariess have delivered up to 80 pots of food for this action, saving people, through this basic need, and making the Love of Jesus known, the love that niothing can detain.

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EMAF - National Base


Address: Av. Helena Maria, 381 - Jardim Helena Maria - Guarujá - SP
Zip Code: 11431-080
Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784

EMAF - Maranhão

Address: Rua Caminho da Boiada, 391 - Centro

São Luis - MA
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Phone: (055) (86) 3302-5235 | 98118-0364


EMAF - Amapá

Address: Av. Professora Cora de Carvalho, 728

Centro - Macapá - AP

Zip Code: 68900-040
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EMAF - Piauí

Address: Rua Joaquim Frota Aguiar, 1455 – Dirceu

Parnaíba – PI

Zip Code: 64210-220
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EMAF - Amazonas


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Lábrea – AM

Zip Code: 69830-000

Phone: (055) (97) 98104-2180


EMAF - São Paulo


Address: Rua Otília Cardoso de Morais, 221

Ariri – Cananéia – SP

Zip Code: 1190-000

Phone: (055) (13) 3383-3784