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‘Go and make disciples’, and, ‘I will be with you always, even until the end’.

Before going to Heaven Jesus gave His disciples an order, and a promise, respectively; ‘Go and make disciples’ and’I will be with you, always, even until the end’. In this way we experience the faithfulness of God to His promise, and His help to obey the Great Commission.

Center of Missionary Training (CTM) – Leader Eliézer Alencar

In partnership with World Link Ministries, we met with about 70 persons at the Central Baptist Church of Lábrea for theological training of native leaders, with classes on the Old Testament Panorama.

EMAF AM Leadership – Oscar Oliveira and Daniel Simon

Since 2018 the change in Direction of the EMAF AM Area has been happening. Pr. Oscar Oliveira, will be the Coordinator of the National Expansion, and missionary Daniel Simon will be the diretor of this area. In February Daniel underwent surgery, in São Paulo, to remove cancer of the thyroid gland, and in May will return for a dose of iodine solution in order to eliminate any metastasis.

PAUINÍ Base, Alto Purus – Leader Eduardo Magrin (4 couples)

In the village of Kacuri, 10 adults are being discipled and the chief decided to walk with Christ. In January there were three voyages to the village. During the meetings there were about 20 adults, at Sunday School more than 20 children; we visited the homes and worked on the construction of the multifunctional center (place for meetings and projects) that should be completed in March.

We made 2 voyages to Estirão de Humaitá. At the meetings there were about 20 adults, 9 of them are being discipled. We visited the families and held Bible classes with about 15 children. A couple manifested a desire to build a place for the meetings in the Community.

During this time, we made 3 trips to Vila Dedé, where we discipled 10 persons. Besides the Sunday School classes for adults and children, there were 2 meetings with more than 30 adults present at each. A thanksgiving service, with about 100 adults, gathered for the inauguration of a water supply system installed in partnership with Asas de Socorro (Wings of Mercy) mission. Through this system the water is pumped from a well to a 10 thousand litre reservoir, and from there is distributed by a net of more than 1,5kms of underground piping, dug manually, until good quality water reaches 34 families. It took two months of arduous and voluntary work of our teams and the village folk.

LÁBREA, middle Purus – Leader George Ribeiro (5 missionaries leading)

The year began with a visit, child evangelismo, work with pre tens, preaching in the homes and Bible studies with the new converts, in 4 communities. We met with more than 20 people to hear the Word of God, in our houseboa. We visited, with 2 seminary students from the Seminário Cristão Evangélico do Norte Christian {Evangeelical Seminary of the North}, 2 villages, where we are initiating contact, making friends. God has freed us from the dangers of the river, with many venomous animals and aligators, at this time with full tide. We also worked at the Village of Irajá, where the missionaries, Joel and Josi, are taking the Gospel.

CANUTAMA, lower Purus – Leader João Cardoso (1 couple)

We said good bye to missionary Isabel who understood, from the Lord, that she had to care for her family in another country. This field needs more people who accept the challenge of the Lord for this ministry.

The solar panels arrived for the boat and were installed with the help of engineer Joel, who came from Manaus, sent by Missão do Céu {Mission of Heaven), our partner. Now we have light! We also have the equipment needed for the kitchen.

Let us join in making disciples on the Purus! Sail with us!

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