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Gospel, ‘riverside folk to riverside folk’

‘Grande’ is a riverside inhabitant of Vila Dedé, in the region of Lábrea/AM. Father of seven children, he recently lost his wife and became veery disheartened. EMAF made it possible for him to come to the town of Lábrea to resolve the questions referring to the decease of his wife.

Missionary Lóide accompanied ‘Grande’ during these days and had the opportunity to share the Gospel, ‘riverside folk to riverside folk’ sharing the love of God and how we can go to Him at all times, including in the most difficult times.

‘Grande’ visited the church at Lábrea and, committed his life to Christ. God has changed his heart and he is firm in His ways. He has returned to Vila Dedé, where our team of missionaries have taught him about the Kingdom of God. Let us pray for ‘Grande’ and for his children that they will experience all the joy and miracles of the Presence of the Father in their daily lives.

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