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Great Water... and its effect


Afuá is a municipality, with around 38.000 inhabitants, who have some resources, but at the same time are close to innumerable needy Riverside folk, needy of health, adequate meals, education and, especially, the Word of God.

Here, the river rises twice a day, varying from three metres height, because of the tide. Sometimes there is a “tidal wave”, when the water of the river floods the whole town. For this reason Afuá is known as the “Marajoara Venice” and the houses are built on a system of stilts. We faced a tidal wave so great this year, that the water flowed into many of the houses.

This phenomenum can illustrate the effect of the Spirit of God upon His children, moving each one of us to do His Will.

We have experienced the ‘great waters’ effect in the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the Riverside folk of the Marajó cluster. The Lord has sent brothers, and raised sister organizations to join us in the work of taking the Gospel to all the ‘homes’.

Word of Life Missionary Institute

What a blessing to receive students (future pastors, leaders and missionaries) and be a part in the preparation of their lives and ministries. In January we received a seminar student and were blessed by the friendship, service, words of encouragement and support to our ministry.

World Link Ministries

This partnership has made possible the start of a modular seminary for church planters. Fifty local leaders were with us from diferent denominations. Together, in the next three years, we will study three modules per year, at the EMAF Afuá base, for training, with a view to spreading the Gospel among the unreached Riverside folk


Evangelization along the Rivers

The motor of Koinonya III broke down and we spent some time without being to minister to the families along the rivers, but God raised people who helped us fix the motor and we are already back on the Muruquara and Prato, taking the Gospel from house to house. The Lord also has provided companions for these incursions.

Project Sweet Home

We assist 60 children during the school shift, with lessons in literacy, tutoring, using creativity, sports activitiy, and we serve balanced meals. Every day we teach them the Word, focusing on God’s creation and His plan for humanity, in a chronological form.

Thanks to the Lord for the action of His Holy Spirit and for the privilege of His work in us! We keep moving forward together, until “His Glory is known in every place, as the waters cover the sea.” Thank you very much for participating, side by side, with us.

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