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He can heal us

MISSIONARY LETTER Deborah Soares, Piauí Field.

“Give thanks to the LORD, because He is good, for His mercy endures forever.”

Psalm 136.1

Grace and peace!

God has manifested His immeasurable goodness here in the Torto community, bringing new experiences into our personal and ministerial life, leading us to trust in Him.

On the Delta of Parnaíba, we are going through the “winter” period. It is very good because it rains a lot and helps a lot in the preparation of the field so the riverside folk can plant their crops, but it is a time when many become sick, the children as well as ourselves. We use these opportunities to share the truth about Jesus: He can heal us.

On one of these days, we were sharing the Word with the students, and telling them I was not feeling well because of the flu. So one of the children said: “Aunty, Can I pray for you?” We see God working in their lives.

We visit the families of the students to talk to them about the development of their children, and to preach the Gospel. We also give the children opportunities to show what they have learned at “My Little Fish”, whole preparing the presentations that we share with them during the church meetings. This encourages their parents to come and be blessed by the Word being ministered.

We have received reinforcement for the work here. Leticia, a young graduate from seminary in Curitiba was sent by the church at Canárias (the largest community of the Delta), for an experimental period on the field. She has been very helpful and has learned a lot through the project.

We also have with us a team from São Paulo that came to bless the field. They assisted us with the children, evangelizing the community and visiting other villages around the area.

My heart is immensely grateful to God for being a part of His Labour, and for each person that is involved in this ministry! We count on your prayers. Deborah Soares

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