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I am a Riverside inhabitant desiring to take Christ to the people of my land

I am Edvando, a Riverside inhabitant in the Community of Santa Catarina, on the Rio Liberdade, affluent of the Rio Juruá, municipality of Ipixuna/AM. I am a believer in Jesus.

It was daybreak when Oscar, Raul and Marcos, missionaries of EMAF whp are initiating the work on the Juruá, with another 14 volunteers from Rio de Janeiro and Acre, arrived at the port where I was. Together with a friend, we helped load a huge quantity of luggage onto the small boat that would be ‘our house’ for 14 days. The team wanted to visit the communties of the Rio Liberdade.

I went with them to the villages, as I know the region well, and have family members in nearly every place. As I am known, it was easier to enter the villages, going from house to house, relating to the people. We slept in schools and bathed in the river.

I have already made many trips on this river, taking flour, and people, but this trip will become history, as I travelled taking the Word of God. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ On the last day, Oscar, the leader of the group, challenged me to pray about the possibility of becoming a planter of churches along the Rio Liberdade, with the help of EMAF. I am a Riverside inhabitant with the desire to take Christ to the people of my land. May God use me.

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