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I continue firm in the faith


My name is Consul. I live with my family on the Rio Urucum, in Pará. Three years ago my life changed completely.

I was walking in sin, drinking, smoking, fighting. I lost a son to death because he drank alcohol and lived in anguish, without knowing what to do. Then you arrived and slowly you approached us and, with love, shared the Word of God. Jesus saved me and changed my heart, my life and my family. Now we have joy!

My home is a place for the missionaries to have meetings, but it has become too small for this. We have to meet outside for everyone to be able to participate. During these three years, other people from Rio Urucum have also decided to follow Christ and be baptized. The number of converts is growing. Three or four times a week, the missionaries from the Igreja Reviver visit us and go to the homes spread along the river, teaching the new believers.

I continue firm in the Faith, seeking to be a good witness and help my people to remain firm in the Faith as well.

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