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I serve Christ and I see Him taking care of me.


My name is Sebastião, better known as Caçulo. I was born in 1989 and my father died in 1995. As I was the youngest son I was very fond of him and did not understand why God had taken my father. Wherever I went people would say that my father was a good man. This led me to question God even more.

It wasn’t easy for my mother to raise me and my brothers. Many times, before sleeping, we would drink sugar cane water, because we had nothing to eat. I needed to stop studying in order to work and help my mother, even against her will. I suffered a lot with this situation.

EMAF arrived here in Torto in 2002. Even from far off, I would watch the meetings, but resisted God. In May 2017, I watched a film at a youth meeting and decided to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour of my life. Even so, I did not confess Him before people. In August that same year, I took part in a retreat and there God spoke a lot to me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Today I serve Christ and see Him taking care of me and blessing what I do and I am able to help my family. I understand that He has a purpose in everything that happens.

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