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It was the Holy Spirit


In 2013, I was seven years old. I was a slender boy, and people would say that I was a terror at home and at school. Yes, I was very disobedient and wrestless. I experienced a very difficult childhood, in a faraway place, where child abuse was common and the law practically inexistent.

When I joined Sweet Home - EMAF AP/PA, I was very disobedient and wrestless, I could not concentrate, and I would bother my colleagues. I didn’t even know how to hold a pencil properly. Even so, I was loved and protected.

I learned to read and write, but most important, I came to know the Gospel of Christ, that the aunts taught telling Bible stories. Looking back, I can see that I changed a lot. I became a sweet and loving boy, and was praised by the teachers at school. I know that all this change came from the Holy Spirit, through the Word of the Lord.

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