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2020 entered world history as a year in which a pandemic harvested lives and planted fear, imposed social isolation and exposed human fragility, generated uncertainties and destroyed plans.

In the face of the unknown and uncertain future, we became sick at heart, but sought the Lord and His voice blared loudly in our hearts. "Continue firm and follow me. Even if everything changes, my plans cannot be frustrated and I am always with you."

We read about a similar situation in Joshua chapter 3, when God ordains and gives detailed instructions that the people must cross the Jordan, apparently unbridgeable, with its river sources overflowing, but with the guarantee that He, God Himself, would lead His people across.

God doesn't change! And, in the face of the improbable, as in the past, He manifested His power, took care of us, instructed us and lead us to victory.

It was inevitable that we would 'wet our feet', during uncountable hours of sailing, facing barriers and opposition, but we praise the Lord for, once more, causing us to experience His sovereignty, wisdom and goodness.

The Lord supplied us with resources and the most needy were helped; the cries of a widow and orphan were met, and our missionaries went into action marching against uncertainties, hunger, dangers of death, institutional insecurities, meeting the needs of isolated communities, along the Brazilian coast and rivers of the Amazon, with more than 300 tons of food and other emergency actions, during the most critical months of the pandemic.

The wind of the Spirit blew and whole villages were impacted with the Gospel proclaimed through acts of justice and mercy, leading dozens of people to repentance and surrender to Christ.

This year we went beyond what we had planned to do, because we did not go alone. We crossed this 'Jordan', along with many brothers, ready to obey, and filled with faith. May your faith, hope and love be renewed to new missionary crossings as you read this informative. There is still more to conquer in the expansion of the Kingdom of God, under His Word, for His Glory.

Pr. Evaldo Almeida

Executive Director of EMAF

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