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JESUS at Pupuri

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For nearly eight months we have visited Pupuri, a small Community with 13 houses, about 15 hours (by EMAF boat) from Lábrea, sailing up the Purus River.

We visit homes, have coffee that is offered to us with loving care, we talk about things that are importanat to them – the river, the fish, the rise and ebb of the waters, the rural regions, hunting. Sometimes the conversation takes a turn to difficult things, when someone of the family is sick and very needy of medical assistance, or when the river has no fish.

We meet with the people, in the house of the Community leader, we share the Gospel and sing praises that glorify God, and speak of the Riverside life. The people are thankful for our presence there, taking an interest in them, and they say that it has been very good to hear the Word of God.

In April, the missionaries spent five days at Pupuri. God had something special for this time there. Because of Easter, they showed the film JESUS.

A couple who, years ago heard the Gospel through missionaries that passed through the region, the wife of the Community leader and her daughter of 5, and two young people, decided to give their lives to the Lord.

Now these six converts, will be discipled so they may grow in the faith and share the Word Of God with other Riverside folk.

May God be praised for the transformation in lives that iss happening at Pupuri and in the communities of Médio Purus.

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