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Little Boat of Joy

The Riverside children are strongly bombarded by negative influence. In the context in which they are living, the tendency is the initiation of premature sexual activity which is seen as “natural”.

There is an urgency to reach these little hearts for Jesus, and that is why we invest time and teaching of the Word of God with them.

With this purpose in mind, we have recently begun, in the region of Canutama/AM, the first “Fun Boat Day”. We begin a special morning having breakfast with the children, we share about the love of Jesus, we play, we have lunch, we watch a film, we organize the boat and, at the end of the day, we say goodbye with the Word and a prayer for each one of them. The little ones experience that it is possible to have a day filled with joy, a joy that does not end so soon.

We believe, with all our heart, that the Lord will do miracles, that the children of Rio Purus will serve the Lord, even in childhood, that their future will be trasnformed and that Jesus will be glorified through them.

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